Madison Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis

Madison Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis

Welcome to the Madison Hypnosis Center.  We offer Madison hypnotherapy services to bring out your authentic self.    Here, you can harness the power of your mind to achieve your dreams and make changes in your life.  Your future begins in your mind, and hypnosis is a useful tool for creating the reality you want.

Contact us at (608) 886-5732 or to discuss how hypnosis can help you make the change you are looking to make.  Further, we offer completely free consultations to determine if hypnosis is a good fit for you.

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”   – Carl G. Jung

Madison Hypnosis
Madison Hypnosis Center
Madison Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis
Madison Hypnotherapy

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a fascinating art and has been around for thousands of years.   It is a natural state that people enter everyday, but often do not realize it, and do not know how to use it effectively.  Because of this, hypnosis intrigues nearly everybody who witnesses it.  People are curious how it works and surprised that we are capable of it.  Hypnosis is a state of focused attention and relaxation.  And then, you use this state to react positively to suggestions.  You are able to focus your intentions and attention on what you want to.  You effectively take control of your automatic behavior and create the mind set you want to succeed at your goals.  This is a completely natural phenomenon, but it is not typically used with intention.  As a result, people find themselves in a hypnotic trance everyday at unexpected times.  Listening to good music, or reading interesting material online often puts you into a trance-like state.  We focus the hypnosis sessions toward harnessing this ability for your personal benefit.   You will work with our hypnotherapist to set goals and structure suggestions so they are most effective for you.  The future begins in your mind.

You can call or email today to schedule an appointment or find out more information.  It is easy to contact me:  *** (608) 886-5732

Yet, clients get the best results when we  focus on their specific stories.  Each person has gotten to this place in life following a unique path.  You know what yours is.  In following that path, people ultimately come to our office looking for a change.  Often, people are stuck in unproductive thought patterns, and we help them get unstuck, and on the right path.  Ultimately, our job is to use hypnotherapy to guide each person in shaping that unique path to where they want to go.    Because of this, we customize each session  for you.  Because of that, each person leaves my office continuing on their own unique path toward success.  *** (608) 886-5732


What Can I expect?

Hypnosis feels like a very deep state of meditation except you get there much more quickly and much more deeply.  Some people describe hypnosis as similar to that sate between ‘awake’ and ‘asleep’, before sleeping.  No two clients are the same.  Therefore no two experiences are the same.  Each hypnotherapy session at the Madison Hypnosis Center is unique.

You can expect the services you receive are tailored specifically to your needs and your goals.  We give each client a program specific to his or her needs, preferences, and personality.  Because of this, each person works directly with a certified hypnotherapist; no impersonal recordings, group screenings, or group sessions.  Just one-on-one individual attention.   We do the work for you to get you to where you need to be.  In addition to customized sessions, you receive a recording from your sessions to use for continued reinforcement, and you learn self-hypnosis techniques.

Hypnotherapy is a great way to utilize the power of your mind.  You tap into your internal resources to succeed in changes you are trying to make.   Because of this, we help you to use your natural ability to go into hypnosis  to learn a valuable skill set for making changes in your life.   Hypnosis is a tool for getting unstuck from unproductive patterns, making changes, and finding the solutions to your problems. As you know, the future begins in your mind.

Check out the services we offer, and our FAQ’s to find out how hypnosis can meet your needs.

Madison Hypnotherapy
Madison Hypnotherapy

What are your qualifications?

Curtis is the director of the Madison Hypnosis Center and is a certified hypnotherapist through the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH). The NGH is the oldest and largest organization for professional hypnotherapists in the world.  In addition, it is one of the most respected hypnosis organizations in the country.  Curtis began providing hypnotherapy services in Madison in 2002.  Since then, he has earned a degree in Psychology and Philosophy from the University of Wisconsin – Madison, and  a Master’s Degree from the Medical College of Wisconsin.

Madison Hypnotherapy
Madison Hypnotherapy




Does Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy work?

Most of all, everybody wants to know if hypnosis really works.  We see positive changes in nearly all of our clients.  Not every person accomplishes his or her goal in full, but most do, and there are different reasons for that.  Secondly, hypnosis is not a magic spell that eliminates every challenge to living better, but it is a very powerful tool to access the resources you have inside you to make the positive changes you want.

In addition, hypnosis accelerates the process of change.  You are empowered to control the changes you want to make in a way that works best for you, with a skilled and experienced hypnotherapist to give you a guiding hand through the process.  Extensive research shows hypnosis is an effective tool for change for many things.  However, nobody really knows how it works.  Yet, while nobody agrees how it works, everybody agrees it does work.  Hypnosis works to help you change the way you think, act, and feel into a more positive way for you.

Finally, the Madison Hypnosis Center is dedicated to improving the lives of others.  We have a successful track record with our clients.  We get great feedback about the hypnotherapy services we offer.  People look for a profound experience to alter the course of their lives for the better and we help them to take control of their lives.  Lastly, you can see our Madison Hypnosis Services Page to meet your needs and contact us to schedule an appointment .  *** (608) 886-5732

Madison Hypnosis Center offers Madison Hypnotherapy services to the greater Madison, WI area.

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