Madison Hypnosis Center Short

We recently had the opportunity to work with Justice Media Productions to produce a series of videos explaining what we do at the Madison Hypnosis Center.  Check out one of the videos below:  

Neurobiology of Hypnosis

I came across this article reporting on a study of hypnosis. While the article is about a year old, it provides a very nice summary of the neruobiology of hypnosis. Hypnosis is greatly under-utilized and has many beneficial applications.CNBC Covers New Hypnosis Neurobiology Study

Philosophy and Science of Free Will-Big Idea Talk

I often describe hypnosis as training your own free will. I recently gave a talk about the philosophical and scientific foundations of free will. I had a great time giving this Big Idea Talk hosted by the Hive Social Club in Madison. I encourage you to take the time to check it out:

Getting in the zone with hypnosis

The video below talks about getting into a zone state. You can use hypnosis to get into the zone in a way that works for you. This can be useful for athletics, academics, or work performance. At the Madison Hypnosis Center we offer customized programs for helping you to get into your flow state on

What’s in a name?

We are happy and excited to announce that Guiding Hand Hypnosis has officially changed it’s name to the Madison Hypnosis Center. Ownership and management have stayed the same, and we still offer the same great services and transforming experiences,but the new name better reflects our business and our role in the community. Names are important

Madison Well Expo

Guiding Hand Hypnosis is excited to be participating in the Madison Well Expo on January 20-21st at the Monona Terrace. The event features free fitness classes plus educational seminars, giveaways and more than 100 exhibitors – all with one goal in mind: healthy living. It is a great way to jump-start your new year’s resolution

Brief History of Hypnosis

Hypnosis as an effective method of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) has been the subject of controversy over the course of an interesting history which has led to the long lasting dichotomy between ‘lay’ and ‘professional’ hypnotists  Despite some scientific validation and legitimate uses, the fundamentals of how hypnosis works is poorly understood and lacks

Abstract for Hypnoethics

Here is the abstract for my thesis on Hypnosis Ethics:   Abstract Complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) is a growing field which carries particular ethical concerns.  Hypnosis as a particular CAM has had a long standing debate about whether it is ethical for lay hypnotists to practice or whether it should remain in the domain

Hypnosis and Fitness

How hypnosis can be used to increase fitness I recently came across this article in Men’s Fitness describing how hypnosis and fitness can work together:  Hypnosis for going to the gym This is a pretty good description of hypnosis, and sets some realistic expectations about what can be done with.  Hypnosis is ultimately a form

Ban on Smoking in Car With a Child

As a child, my parents smoked.  They smoked in the car, and being in WI, that meant that the windows were rolled up for half of the year.  I remember the smell of the match being lit, and the clouds of smoke surrounding me, until the car was filled with a suffocating and nauseating smell.