Hypnosis Coronavirus Update

The novel coronavirus has been in the news as the disease continues to spread and it is causing concern and anxiety for many people. The Madison Hypnosis Center takes the corona virus pandemic seriously. I have taken the following steps to improve safety and reduce the transmission of the virus in the coming weeks or

Three Ways to Keep Your resolutions

Three ways to keep your resolutions With the start of the new year many people make resolutions for themselves, but few people stick to them for the long run.  Whether you have made a resolution or not, you probably have an idea of how you want the year to turn out, or some goals in

Seven Tools To Alleviate Anxiety

Many of the people we see at the Madison Hypnosis Center suffer from anxiety and are looking for relief.  Below are some ways known to help alleviate anxiety.  1. Body mapping– Body mapping is a way of gaining self-awareness and control over your body and mind through focused attention.  It is a way to train

What I Learned From a 72 Hour Fast

Fasting has become a popular activity and there are many ways to fast.  Intermittent fasting has become a popular method to improve health and lose weight, but there are other fasting methods as well, such as a water-only fast.  I have fasted many times in the past, but usually only for a 24-36 hour period.