Brain Changes

I found this article interesting in the context of hypnosis: Psychology Today The brain-body connection (#6) is intriguing to me, and not at all surprising.  All hypnotists know that there is a strong mind body connection, and it is usually under utilized, and under appreciated.  Many people choose hypnosis because they understand this and are

The Future Begins In Your Mind

The future begins in your mind is a philosophy that forms the basis for the work done at Guiding Hand Hypnosis. But what exactly does this mean? In short it means that people are imaginative creatures. Storytelling has been around since we drew pictures on cave walls, and likely even longer. Humans use that imagination

Madison Weight Loss Program

Losing weight should be easy, right?  It is just a matter of taking in fewer calories than you use in a day.  Yet such a simple formula becomes so complex and most people struggle to control their weight.  Diets do not work because it deprives the body of what it needs, and exercise programs do

Can Connectionist Models Be Applied to Hypnosis

Can Connectionist Models Be Applied to Hypnosis   I would not be writing this article if I thought the answer was ‘no’. Connectionist models of the mind explain how language gives rise to consciousness. It shows how external stimulus can activate certain brain patterns, somewhat randomly, which are then given meaning in a linguistical output.

Is Hypnotherapy Ethical?

Is Hypnotherapy Ethical? The generally accepted basis of an ethical approach is to respect beneficence, non-maleficence, justice, and autonomy of an individual.  Beneficence refers to simply acting in an individual’s best interest and offering them a benefit and along a similar vein, non-maleficence refers to doing no harm or not using hypnosis for evil.  To

Hypnosis Is The Viable Alternative

There are many techniques available to solve your problems or accomplish your goals.  Often times these techniques are marketed as a quick fix, whether it be for weight loss, or smoking cessation, or earning more money.  The truth is that while some of these techniques work, most of them do not, and are a waste

What Are Mental Scripts?

What are mental scripts?  I’ve received questions asking for more clarification about what a mental script is.  I recently complimented a friend of mine on his positive outlook for the year.  He mentioned that success is all about positive thought and that thought influences your attitude, attitude influences your actions, and your actions influence your