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All of our Madison Hypnosis services include customized sessions  to meet each client’s needs and preferences.  In addition, we teach self-hypnosis techniques.

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Stop Smoking Madison*

You have probably had the thought, “I should probably quit”.  Many people who decide to use hypnosis to successfully stop smoking have tried other methods in the past and want to quit for good.  Everybody knows smoking is bad for you and can cause health problems.   Madison Hypnosis Center offers a smoking cessation program that makes it easy to quit.  You no longer have to deal with patches, gums, or medications with unpleasant side effects.  We offer a 3 session program designed to have you quit smoking after the first session, with follow-up sessions for reinforcement.  Does Hypnosis work to stop smoking?  The answer is yes!  But don’t take our word for it, check out the study:

Madison Hypnosis Weight Loss Program*

Many people feel they do not have control over their weight.  You wake up one day and find you weigh more than you ever thought you would, or perhaps you have been struggling to control your weight for a long time.  We take a 6 step approach to weight loss focusing on goals which you can accept:

1.  Eat when you are hungry, and only when you are hungry

2.  Eat slowly and savor your food.  Stop when you are full.

3.  Self-awareness of emotions and eating triggers.

4.  Self-acceptance and permission to become the person you want.

5.  Craving management, food choices and awareness

6.  Light exercise program

With these tools, our clients have seen great success.  Our weight loss program is typically 5 sessions spread out over 2 months.  Clients begin to see results immediately after the first session and instantly feel better about themselves.  Curtis has studied and contributed to neuroscience  publications about eating and behavior, and he applies the approaches that he’s studied to his hypnosis sessions to help his clients.

 Anxiety and Phobias*

Hypnosis helps you to find your authentic confident self.  Getting over your anxiety fears is easy with hypnosis.  We work on undoing the triggers that cause you unnecessary fear so you can remain calm, relaxed, and confident in situations which used to cause you distress.

Stress Management*

We live in a fast paced world and research has demonstrated that stress has many negative health effects.  Hypnosis is an excellent tool for reducing stress in a positive manner.  The hypnosis process itself is very relaxing, and lends itself to developing powerful techniques to calm your nerves.  Our hypnotist gives you the tools to reduce stress in your life so you can come out on top.


Madison Hypnosis Services

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