Anxiety and Phobias

Anxiety and Phobias

Hypnotherapy is a natural and proven way to eliminate unnecessary anxiety and phobias.

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“I thought Guiding Hand Hypnosis was amazing! Each session was tailored specifically to my goals. And after each session I took home numerous valuable tips to help with my anxiety. I would recommend Curtis to anyone who asks because of his professional approach and because of the terrific calm that hypnosis brought me. All of which could not be done without Curtis’s talents and personalized focus on a client to client basis. I feel like I really lucked out finding Guiding Hand, and I suggest anyone who has any desire to try hypnosis should come here first! *” — Dave

Social Anxiety Hypnosis
Anxiety and Phobias

Anxiety effects people when there is an excessive and or unreasonable fear of social situations (WebMD).  It is essentially the activation of fear at times when there is no need to be fearful.  Hypnosis helps you to find your authentic, confident self so you can learn to relax in situations that cause you distress.  Becoming calm and relaxed is possible.  Getting over your fears is possible, and hypnosis is a very powerful tool to help you.

Each hypnosis session and program is customized specifically for you.  You work with a hypnotist to clarify the problem and the solution.  You work on specific goals that you want to change.  Hypnosis is essentially a mindfulness exercise, similar to meditation, in which the hypnotists guides you through several exercises to relax and focus your attention on making a change.  In doing these exercises, you are able to change your focus in daily life so that you are able to control your responses.  You gain empowerment to engage in situations in the way you would like to.  Hypnosis helps you to access the internal resources that you have to bolster your confidence and comfort in many situations.  Together, we work on the specific scenarios which trigger negative responses, and work on establishing beneficial responses.  Hypnosis allows you to release your fears, and undo any triggers that cause anxiety.

In addition to anxiety, Guiding Hand Hypnosis works with clients to overcome various phobias, in much the same way, with a slightly different focus.  Common fears that we have addressed include fears of:

Flying, driving,  dentists, public speaking, exams, insects and reptiles, and many more.  Each hypnosis session is customized to address your specific concerns and preferences for becoming calm and collected in any situation.

“I had been suffering from PTSD, agoraphobia, panic disorder, GAD, DP/DR, and a few others since I was 7 and got really severe 3 years ago. It caused me a lot of trouble, inability to work, some family support, and even my home and pets saw problems. It really took a toll on my life. I’ve gone through most therapies including exposure and cognitive behavioral therapy. I am very aware of all but there just seemed to be a broken light switch or a frayed wire somewhere. I hadn’t given much thought to hypnotherapy until my therapist suggested it. So I got appointments scheduled and was intrigued by new possibilities. I was told it wouldn’t work with overly anxious people. Total myth. After the very first session I felt a difference and was flabbergasted. I can drive more, I can go into public without the overbearing need to run, I can actually see beauty in things. I know I am not completely cured, but the fact that I’ve even come this far after 3 sessions completely astonished me. Plus it helps that Curtis has a great voice to make hypnosis possible. He answered all my questions and then some. He also gave me techniques to use myself for coping along with self hypnosis. He’s very caring about his clients. I highly recommend him to anyone for anything and I will tell my friends about him. I was 20 when I stopped living. Now I’m 24 and learning to live again. Thanks so much for everything. ♡ I’ll continue to come back when needed.*” –Tasha
“I had Curtis recommended to me for social/general anxiety by a relative’s hypnotherapist in Maryland. I’ve always been skeptical of hypnosis, and was not sure what to expect. Curtis was very honest about what hypnosis is and what it can and can not do. As another has said, Curtis is very professional. On top of that, he is very relaxing and calming to talk to and listen to. To the surprise of this skeptic, I did feel noticeably more at ease and less anxious around people after each hypnosis session. I would highly recommend this experience to anyone struggling with anxieties.” -Jeremy

*Disclaimer:  Individual results may vary