The Madison Hypnosis Center offers complementary cancer care sessions. Hypnosis does not constitute medical or psychological health care, but it can be a wonderful way to complement what is being done by your medical providers. You should consult with your doctor or therapist to let them know you are using hypnosis. Hypnosis can be helpful for cancer care in the following ways:

Stress and Anxiety Management

Lifestyle Changes

Managing Side effects and Pain

The Madison Hypnosis Center works with you to customize a program that meets your needs. Clients coming in for complementary cancer care receive sessions at $75 per session (50% off) to ensure the benefits of hypnosis are affordable and available. Clients can continue to come for as long as they find hypnosis to be a useful addition for them, and there is no commitment to long term care. Self-hypnosis and mindfulness techniques are taught as part of the process.