Madison HypnoBirthing and Doula

The Madison Hypnosis Center is pleased to collaborate with  Gentle Surge Madison HypnoBirthing for hypnosis services related to childbirth.  Gentle Surge offers group classes in labor and delivery using the Mongan method of HypnoBirthing.  Gentle Surge also offers doula support and  post-natal parenting support.  This center offers top-notch Madison HypnoBirthing classes, and I encourage my clients interested in pre- and postnatal care to book classes with them.

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Childbirth Hypnosis

For those who are not interested in the group setting, the Madison Hypnosis Center offers personalized hypnosis sessions to help you prepare for the birth of your child.   While hypnosis cannot guarantee a painless birth,  you can learn to significantly reduce pain, manage fear and anxieties, gain empowerment and control, and focus your attention on your strengths during birth.  In addition, childbirth hypnosis helps you to focus your connection with your baby, to facilitate a healthy and nurturing development.

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Madison Hypnobirthing

Madison Hypnobirthing

 One recent study showed that:

“Participants in the hypnosis group were compared with a control
group of 3249 women, matched for parity and gestational age, who
had received standard medical care. Information on the control group was collected from retrospective chart data. Results showed that primigravid women who received hypnosis utilized epidural anesthesia significantly less frequently and had a decreased need for labor augmentation with oxytocics compared with controls. These findings suggest that hypnotic preparation may be effective for reducing epidural use during labor and delivery.”  A.S. Landolt, L.S. Milling / Clinical Psychology Review 31 (2011) 1022–1031

This means that pain is much more manageable for the woman giving birth when they receive hypnosis in preparation.  This helps you to have a natural child birth and maintain control while doing so. Other studies show that women who undergo a hypnosis program prior to labor have significantly better emotional experiences, quicker recovery, and healthier babies (according to apgar scores).

Madison Hypnosis Center offers prenatal hypnosis to give you the tools for a positive labor and delivery.  The program focuses on remaining calm and relaxed through the process of labor, and giving you the empowerment to get through the process.  Pain management techniques are also offered.  Self-hypnosis is taught to each client so that the techniques learned during the sessions can be utilized during delivery.  All programs are customized and range from 3-5 sessions.

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