Madison Weight Loss Program

You have come here because you are interested in how hypnosis works to lose weight.  You have certain feelings about your weight, and you want a Madison weight loss program that can help you achieve your goals.  Time and time again, we see clients who have tried everything to lose weight with other methods, only to be discouraged and frustrated.  They finally find success with our hypnosis weight loss program.  You can lose weight fast, naturally, and safely with hypnosis.  When you are ready to finally make a change,  email us at to schedule a free consult to see how hypnosis can meet your needs.

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Madison Weight Loss Program

 Madison Weight Loss Program

Many people feel they do not have control over their weight.  You wake up one day and find you weigh more than you ever thought you would, or perhaps you have been struggling to control your weight for a long time.  Our weight loss program is unique in that we tailor our approach to each individual client.  You get a customized program that allows you to gain control of your weight.  You also learn self-hypnosis techniques and we give you a custom recording to listen to whenever you want for continued reinforcement.  We take a 6 step approach to weight loss focusing on goals which you can accept:

1.  Eat when you are truly hungry, and only when you are hungry

2.  Eat slowly and savor your food.  Stop when you are full.

3.  Self-awareness of emotions and eating triggers.

4.  Self-acceptance and permission to become the person you want.

5.  Craving management, food choices and awareness

6.  Light exercise program

With these tools, our clients have seen great success.  Our weight loss program is typically 5 sessions spread out over 2 months.  Clients begin to see results immediately after the first session and instantly feel better about themselves.  Curtis has studied and contributed to neuroscience  publications about eating and behavior, and he applies the approaches that he’s studied to his hypnosis sessions to help his clients.  Hypnosis itself does not cause you to lose weight, but it does help you to make changes in your lifestyle that does lead to weight loss.  You work with an experienced hypnotist to set goals, increase motivation, and gain awareness to set your intentions and attention on the right things for weight loss.

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Madison Weight Loss Program

Lose weight fast with hypnosis


Eating Healthy is part of weight loss, but not the only part.  You will notice that our 6 step program above does not include a diet.  While we focus on making better food choices, you can eat the food you want.  We help our clients with craving and portion control so that you can enjoy the things you like in moderation.   Simple behavior changes, like eating more slowly and savoring your food, can lead to profound results quickly.  Learning how to eat right is easy with hypnosis.  Before you know it you will lose that first 10lbs.



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