Pain Management Hypnosis

Hypnosis is a useful tool for reducing or eliminating chronic pain. Research demonstrates that hypnosis is very effective in pain relief. Pain management is one of the most studied uses for hypnosis.   We specialize in pain management hypnosis to accomplish several things.  Contact us to learn more or schedule an appointment.

Pain Management Hypnosis Madison

Pain Management Hypnosis, Madison, WI

How does pain management hypnosis work?

The first thing we do is get you comfortable.  Hypnosis is effective at inducing relaxation and allows you to reduce inflammation in areas that are causing pain.  Once you are able to relax, you are able to work on several pain management techniques.  One option is to “flip the switches” of pain in hypnosis, allowing you to turn off the pain either at the site of the pain or in your mind.  Another option is to reinterpret the pain so that it does not cause suffering.  You will also be taught self-hypnosis techniques and mindfulness practices that allow you to continue to manage pain long after we are done working together.  Every program is customized for each client depending on their situation, and you are given a recording from our work together for continued reinforcement.


“I know I am not completely cured, but the fact that I’ve even come this far after 3 sessions completely astonished me. Plus it helps that Curtis has a great voice to make hypnosis possible. He answered all my questions and then some. He also gave me techniques to use myself for coping along with self hypnosis. He’s very caring about his clients. I highly recommend him to anyone for anything and I will tell my friends about him. I was 20 when I stopped living. Now I’m 24 and learning to live again. Thanks so much for everything. ♡ I’ll continue to come back when needed.”  -Tasha*

Not only did he help me with sleep, he threw in some techniques to help me with labor pain management. My birth went very well and I didn’t use drugs – and I credit that to the hypnosis work that he did. If you have ever wondered about hypnotism, I highly recommend giving Guiding Hand a try. ” – Dana

*Disclaimer:  Individual results may vary