The Madison Hypnosis Center is pleased to be a part of several professional organizations (such as MESBA and MAWC) and has developed partnerships over the years with area businesses that can meet your needs outside of hypnosis. Below is a list of highly recommended services:

Wellness providers:

Metta Acupuncture– Metta Acupuncture provides whole-being care through Acupuncture, Shiatsu massage and Chinese Herbalism.

Float Madison– Float Madison provides the ultimate relaxation for body and mind by allowing guests to float in private float pods and rooms which are filled with warm water and saturated with 1,000 lbs. of Epsom Salt, creating a weightless environment that helps remove external stimuli and facilitate deep meditative states.

Gentle Surge– Gentle Surge provides classes in Madison Hypnobirthing and Doula services.

Monona Yoga– MYC’s mission is to create an environment where people gather to grow, strengthen and heal through the practice of yoga, by providing a range of classes  & events that offer an opportunity for each ability and genre of life.