Perspective on Hypnosis

I recently worked with a client, who had a great experience and put her perspective into a creative outlet.

Her words and photo are below:

“WEEK 37/52

Madison Hypnosis Baloon
Madison Hypnosis Center

Three weeks ago, I took up hypnotherapy. I knew close to nothing about it…but hypnosis had always intrigued me. My anxiety had worsened, and my compulsive skin picking at my face and hands was increasing. I KNEW if I returned to my usual “Traditional” therapist, they would increase my medication.

Typically, I say very little about where my self portrait ideas stem from. I love hearing each person’s personal interpretation. It all means something different to everyone.

But after 3 sessions (approximately 3 hours) of hypnotherapy…I needed to put together an image that portrayed how I felt.

Weightless. Floating. Above the wreckage and fears that came with my battles with anxiety.

My skin picking has decreased substantially, and my anxiety has lessened.

Within my 3 sessions of hypnosis, I learned how to hypnotize/deeply relax myself. I learned how it works, why it works, and why it is effective. It’s something I would recommend to everyone and I’ll probably keep doing it myself!

Special thank you to Curtis at Madison Hypnosis Center!

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