Madison Hypnosis Center Testimonials

Anxiety Madison

*”I will admit, I was skeptic before starting this process but now I am a firm believer. I had issues with anxiety and panic attacks for years. My first panic attack happened while driving on the highway which made me associate the two and caused a fear that has stuck with me for nearly 2 decades. After going through this process with Curtis, I am happy to say that I have been able to drive without fear or anxiety and feel a sense of freedom since I had been relying on others to drive me out of town for a very long time. It had been embarrassing having to explain about having anxiety to people that just don’t get it. If you are on the fence about giving hypnosis a try, please give it a chance. You will not be disappointed. Thanks Curtis!
-Traci Z.
*”I was extremely pleased with the results of my three sessions with Curtis, which truly helped improve my confidence speaking in group settings. I went in to the hypnosis experience with an open mind but perhaps a little skepticism, and was surprised and a bit amazed by the end. Curtis is a gifted practitioner and a true professional, and I would encourage anyone who is at all curious about the process to give it a try!” -Laura M.
*”The Madison Hypnosis Center offers first rate meditation therapy.  Curtis listens to his clients, and adjusts the hypnotherapy techniques to your specific needs.  This gives one the insights and tools to continue the practice at home, which can bring permanent and even life changing results.  He helped me realize how to cope with serious challenges, and especially how best to put them in productive perspectives.  I would recommend him to anyone who struggles with stress, addiction, fears, or anxiety.”  GD-Madison – Summer 2018  
I was skeptical at first but I have never been able to manage my anxiety like I can now. He truly has changed my life. I would recommend it to anyone. -Sarah O.
*I had been suffering from PTSD, agoraphobia, panic disorder, GAD, DP/DR, and a few others since I was 7 and got really severe 3 years ago. It caused me a lot of trouble, inability to work, some family support, and even my home and pets saw problems. It really took a toll on my life. I’ve gone through most therapies including exposure and cognitive behavioral therapy. I am very aware of all but there just seemed to be a broken light switch or a frayed wire somewhere. I hadn’t given much thought to hypnotherapy until my therapist suggested it. So I got appointments scheduled and was intrigued by new possibilities. I was told it wouldn’t work with overly anxious people. Total myth. After the very first session I felt a difference and was flabbergasted. I can drive more, I can go into public without the overbearing need to run, I can actually see beauty in things. I know I am not completely cured, but the fact that I’ve even come this far after 3 sessions completely astonished me. Plus it helps that Curtis has a great voice to make hypnosis possible. He answered all my questions and then some. He also gave me techniques to use myself for coping along with self hypnosis. He’s very caring about his clients. I highly recommend him to anyone for anything and I will tell my friends about him. I was 20 when I stopped living. Now I’m 24 and learning to live again. Thanks so much for everything. ♡ I’ll continue to come back when needed. -Tasha

“*Curtis was incredibly helpful while working to alleviate my anxieties and skin picking compulsions. He’s an incredibly knowledgeable hypnotist and was able to answer all of my questions and provide me with helpful tools to use outside of the office in my daily life. I would highly recommend!!” -Ashley

Hypnosis is fascinating!! I highly highly recommend going to see Curtis and trusting in his abilities to help you. I am a very type A, NON-holistic person who walked in skeptical, but it has 100% helped me in so many aspects of my life. This is a wonderful way to live a more calm and meaningful life. If you’re on the fence, 100% go to Madison Hypnosis Center, you will not regret it.


*Had Curtis recommended to me for social/general anxiety by a relative’s hypnotherapist in Maryland. I’ve always been skeptical of hypnosis, and was not sure what to expect. Curtis was very honest about what hypnosis is and what it can and can not do. As another has said, Curtis is very professional. On top of that, he is very relaxing and calming to talk to and listen to. To the surprise of this skeptic, I did feel noticeably more at ease and less anxious around people after each hypnosis session. I would highly recommend this experience to anyone struggling with anxieties.

*I have been hypnotized at Guiding Hand Hypnosis several times for both relaxation and sleep improvement. He has always been very professional and supportive. I asked a lot of questions at first, and he was patient with me and made me feel completely comfortable before beginning. His technique is very good, and I was completely hypnotized right away.

Hypnosis Testimonials

Hypnosis Testimonials

I honestly don’t know how long I was out for or what he said while I was ‘under’, but when he directed me to wake up, I did right away. I felt AMAZING afterwards, and had some of the best sleep of my life. When I was pregnant, I was having sleep issues, so I went back to him for help. Not only did he help me with sleep, he threw in some techniques to help me with labor pain management. My birth went very well and I didn’t use drugs – and I credit that to the hypnosis work that he did. If you have ever wondered about hypnotism, I highly recommend giving Guiding Hand a try. 

– Dana

*Thank you so much for this experience.  It was great meeting you and getting a taste of the potential of the brain and our ability to steer it in one direction or the other.  Using the tools you introduced during my session, I have been able to really quickly stop thought patterns that cause pain or discomfort and replace them with new ideas and feelings that are empowering. (I really enjoy touching my elbow and feeling a rush of confidence. I also enjoy the growing realization that it isn’t the physical act of touching the elbow that really matters; rather it is my belief in it! How exciting, think of the potential!)  When I first left your office, I wasn’t sure how much I had changed or how effective hypnosis had been. Throughout the following week, however, I would suddenly “wake up” to find myself calmly carrying out tasks that would have been difficult before. It is apparent that changes have happened on a very fundamental level and I am so inspired to continue my exploration of the brain and belief systems that I’m discovering to be much more malleable than I thought!
I’m excited for you and how you have decided to be of service to other humans. I think you are on the leading edge of a very legitimate service and I believe that the need for leaders to guide us through our minds and consciousness will only increase.  Have fun with it!
Kara G.
*I was very nervous to try hypnosis due to my limited knowledge however Curtis was very thorough in his explanation of the process.  I appreciated the openness and candid way he conducted the session, also.  After my session I felt like a new person totally relaxed .  Curtis was a wonderful guide toward my goals.  Things are going great.  I am truly surprised at the difference.  I even had one manager come to me and tell me that they notice a difference.  Sometimes it is like I am hearing a different woman.  Thanks for everything.
– Virginia
*I am finally moving forward thanks to your help.
I downloaded your recording and listened to it this last weekend. I am so impressed how closely you listened to the specific details of what I was struggling with and infused them into our session. Your voice is very calm and easy to listen to. I think what has impressed me the most is how my writer’s anxiety has calmed since we met. I no longer have the hopeless sense of feeling overwhelmed by such a daunting task. I look forward to my writing days and times. The emotional release that we did seems to have been just what my mind and body needed to get the courage to move forward and believe in myself. I have always enjoyed listening to guided meditations and hypnosis has provided me with a chance to deepen this path to self actualization. My experience with you has allowed me to see how powerful mentally aligning my goals with my beliefs can be.
Once again, thank you for your help. I wish you the best with your future endeavors and will be sure to contact you again if I need some additional support.
-Amber M.


*”I had a great experience at Guiding Hand Hypnosis. Curtis is a very kind and caring individual who at no time seemed to pass any judgement as to my reason for wanting hypnosis. He truly seemed to care about me making the decision to make a change for the betterment of me. It has now been over a month since I had my first session and I have noticed great change. I had sought out hypnosis to help me stop biting my fingernails, an embarrassing habit I have done for as long as I can remember. I am still working at achieving my goal (fingernails take time to grow!) but I am off to a great start and for once in my life am using a nail clippers to trim my nails rather than the alternative. Thank you to Curtis for helping me on my way of kicking a habit I have long wanted to overcome.”

-Brooke W.


*Before going to Guiding Hand Hypnosis I was very skeptical at what could be done as I had been biting my nails for 12+ years. However, after my first session with Curtis I noticed an immediate change in my behavior and following all 3 sessions, I would consider myself officially ‘rehabilitated.’ I would highly recommend Guiding Hand Hypnosis as Curtis was very professional, helpful, and leaves you with the tools to move forward with your life.

Weight Loss

I want to thank you, again, for your help.  I’ve been listening to the recording, working on self-hypnosis (in progress), and I’m feeling much better.  It has been a lot easier to stay on track with healthy eating, and I have been working hard to consider the results of each of my choices.

A few other times in my life, I have felt like stars/fates/luck have aligned in a way that worked for me.  I think that is what happened the day that I was driving toward the beltline on Monona Drive, feeling bad about how things were going, and spotted the large Madison Hypnosis Center sign.  Something just spurred me to give you a call and find out more.  I was skeptical but desperate , but after meeting you, it seemed like an answer for me.

Having looked into you and your practice more, of late (after seeing the article in the local paper), I realize how lucky I was to find someone not only skilled in hypnosis, but also concerned about ethics.  It would be easy to capitalize on the desperation of clients, but I never felt anything but your concern for my well-being and desire to help ease my distress.  I appreciate that very much.

Again, many thanks for your help and concern for my issues.  I will recommend you highly to others.

P.S.  I am up to a 2-mile-per day walk and get out there almost every day.  This is a miracle for someone who could barely crawl up the stairs from the garage a few months ago!



*”Hypnosis with Curtis is one of the most worthwhile things I have ever done for my health. I could not stop overeating, despite really wanting to. After the first session with Curtis, I went home to eat dinner. It was like a switch had been flipped in my head. I went from overeating to feeling full on carrots and hummus and not even finishing what I had for the meal. He is knowledgeable, ethical, and really knows what he’s doing. I recommend him highly.”

-Phyllis D.
*”An excellent experience with great results. Respectful, considerate, and insightful. Exceeded all of my expectations. I highly recommend Curtis Ryals and Madison Hypnosis Center. My only regret is that I did not do this sooner.
-Tena T.

Smoking Cessation

“To anyone who has an addiction to nicotine know that you can overcome this addiction effortlessly through hypnosis.  My experience was very pleasant and surprising at the same time.  Curtis will place you in a very relaxed state of hypnosis and will then make powerful suggestions to help you become a non-smoker.  My appointment was at 8:00 a.m. and when I left I kept waiting to have that craving to have a cigarette.  The craving never came!  I have come away from this experience feeling like I have a new lease on life not controlled by cigarettes.  It is a true miracle!”
Teresa S.

*I talked about quitting several times throughout the years but I just couldn’t get serious.  I was a social smoker for the better part of my twenties but didn’t think that I was addicted, until I seriously wanted to quit. I didn’t want to shut out my smoker friends, but it was almost impossible to be around them and to stay strong. That’s when I realized that my mental

Hypnosis Testimonials

Hypnosis Testimonials

addiction was possibly stronger than my physical addiction.  I wanted to try hypnosis, because one of my close friends experienced success after a few sessions he’d done. Also, hypnosis seemed like a good place to start since I’m not a fan of medications, and the idea of nicotine gum/lozenges made me sick.

I finally decided to schedule a session with Madison Hypnosis Center to see if it could help. I went in with an open mind, ready to change. The hypnotist was a professional, empathetic and friendly person, and the atmosphere was warm and inviting. My hypnotherapist was genuinely routing for me and his positive attitude really strengthened my ambition to change. The hypnosis was a relaxing and visual experience. I was never unaware of what was going on. It felt like I was looking at my life from the outside and recognizing that I could easily wash away the dark cloud that was following me around. When the hypnosis concluded I felt relaxed, empowered and motivated to stick to my goals. I also felt confident in my ability to positively shape my world (a great side effect that I didn’t foresee coming out of my experience).
Over the next few weeks I kept in mind the visuals that Guiding Hand had walked me through and drew upon the strength that it helped me to discover. My friends recognized that I was taking serious steps to quit and were respectful (even inspired) by my commitment. If I was around when friends were smoking and began to feel weak, I would walk away, take a few breaths, and remind myself of the therapy and of how far I’d come.  I am now on my fourth month without smoking and am more confident than ever. I am really happy that I decided to try hypnotherapy, and I would recommend Guiding Hand Hypnosis to anyone who is serious about quitting. Other things that I’ve noticed since I quit smoking (just to give you inspiration): I don’t get winded as easily, I don’t feel terrible after a night out, my sinuses aren’t dry, I don’t have a cough, and I haven’t been sick in four months. The best part about quitting smoking has been increased confidence and the subsequent joy that has come from not being controlled by an addiction.  If you’re ready to give up for good, give Guiding Hand Hypnosis a call. You deserve to give yourself every opportunity to live a healthy, smoke-free life!

-Beth B.

“As an on/off again smoker for over 15 years, my latest bout with smoking proved that I was unable to quit on my own and more for than 1-2 days at a time.  With not being able to overcome this addiction/bad habit, my self esteem took a turn for the worse.  I sought out hypnosis so that I would not have to take medications like Chantix, which proved to have negative side effects when I tried it in the past.  I met w/ Curtis and felt hopeful and confident in my decision to undergo hypnosis.  It proved to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!  My experience allowed me to quit smoking immediately and I have not had a cigarette since.  In addition, the hypnosis itself allowed me to feel more peaceful and serene than I can ever remember.  I would recommend and advise it for anyone.  I don’t regret it.”

-Summer L.


*I have cravings, but I have been able to avoid picking up a cigarette.  In the past when I tried to quit I felt like an emotional mess and I would fail. I had tried several things to help with quitting but nothing worked for me.  I was scared that I may never be able to kick the habit.  I loved smoking but knew my life would be shortened if I couldn’t quit, not to mention the money they cost. I didn’t know if hypnosis would work, and to be honest I was a bit scared of the process. I didn’t want to go through all the withdrawals and then give in once again.  I didn’t want to tell anyone because I didn’t want it to be that person “I am trying to quit…again”.  When I had my appointment you were great!  You made me feel comfortable and at no time did it feel awkward.   After I walked out of your office I felt a sense of hope and nervousness, hoping I could do it.  I have been able to remain nicotine free since the morning of the hypnosis…16 days! I know that I still have challenging moments ahead but I really believe that I can continue to be nicotine free!  Thank you so much for what you did for me!  You are amazing and I recommend your hypnosis to anyone that really wants to quit.
Been smoking on and off for many years and every time I tried to quit it wouldn’t last long and then along came Curtis and Guiding Hand Hypnosis! Been smoke free now for more than two months and it’s been easy for me! No cravings and when I do get a thought about a cig it comes and goes. Thank you Curtis for helping me do what I could not on my own!!.
*Disclaimer Hypnosis Testimonials:  The following testimonials represent the experiences and views of individual clients, and cannot be necessarily be generalized.  Individual results may vary.